SciFi Alert: The New “Thing” -Norwegian Science-team Discovers an Alien Spaceship Buried in Antarctica


Universal Pictures is shooting the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's now classic alien horror film, The Thing, starring Kurt Russell. The film, also entitled The Thing, is directed by Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and is scheduled for release next spring.

The new movie takes place at the base camp of the Norwegian science-team that was seen in the first film, and is where the alien spacecraft was found. Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars as Katie, a paleontologist who travels to Antarctica and joins the Norwegian science-team as they discovered the alien spaceship buried in the ice.

Inside, they find a strange frozen creature with the ability to take the form of anyone it touches. When the monster escapes from its frozen cell, Katie must join forces with a pilot named Carter (Joel Edgerton) in order to destroy the creature before paranoia sets in, and they all kill each other. The film will lead up to the events of John Carpenter's movie, and should give fans a different take on what happened right before the first film began.

Sounds like another classic is in  the works.

Casey Kazan via


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