Seven Kilometers Beneath the Sea -New Species of Ghostly Fish Discovered

200px-Peru-Chile_trench This new species of snailfish -a smeagol- was discovered seven kilometres down in the Peru-Chile trench in the south-east Pacific Ocean using a deep-sea baited camera system. 

The Peru-Chile Trench, also known as the Atacama Trench, is about 160 kilometres off the coast of Peru and Chile. It is approximately 5,900 kilometres long with a width is 64 kilometres.and it covers The trench is a result of the eastern edge of the Nazca Plate being subducted under the South American Plate.

A team of marine biologists from the Hadal Environment and Educational Program (HADEEP) – a collaborative research project between Oceanlab at the University of Aberdeen, UK, and the Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo, Japan, with support from New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research institute (NIWA) – captured 6000 images at depths between 4.5 and 8 kilometres in the trench over a three-week expedition. 

As well as the elusive, ethereal fish, the team also found large groups of cusk-eels and crustacean scavengers called amphipods at these depths for the first time.

Casey Kazan via Uinversity of Aberdeen and
Image: Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen,




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