“Penguin Privacy Under Assault”: Google Brings ‘Street View’ to Antarctica

Lead_penguin-420x0 Google's "Street View" imagery has sparked privacy concerns in some countries but that's unlikely to be the case with its latest destination – Antarctica, populated mostly by penguins and possible

ice-bound alien life.

This past week, Google announced that Street View, which shows street-level pictures of cities around the world, now encompasses all seven continents with the inclusion of images from Antarctica – limited for the moment to user-contributed shots of penguins on Half Moon Island and panoramic landscapes.

Closer to home, Czech authorities earlier this month banned Google from collecting images for Street View saying the pictures "unacceptably interfere with people's privacy". Google has appealed the decision.

In Germany, protests forced Google to launch a campaign giving citizens concerned about safety or privacy an eight week grace period to inform the company to pixel out pictures of their homes or businesses before they are published.

Jason McManus via AFP


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