New Tech: Meet the Shweeb! (VIDEO)

Shweeb-monorail_1452341i Looking for a cool commute? Meet the Shweeb, a cross between a monorail train and a recumbent bike, where you sit inside an aerodynamically shaped pod hanging from a rail and pedal to propel yourself forward. The Shweeb -a great "Google-like name!- was one of five ideas that have won a share of the $10 million prize money awarded by Google for its Project 10100 competition – 10100 is 1 googol – which called for "ideas to change the world".

The Shweeb's developers walked away with a cool $1 million, and will put the money towards developing a system to be used by city commuters, which they say could carry up to 1200 people an hour. A 200-metre-long test track where the pods can reach speeds of 50 kilometres per hour is already operating as a tourist attraction in Rotorua, New Zealand.


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