‘You Couldn’t Make This Up’ Dept: Neuroscientist’s Brain Scan Research Shows He’s a ‘Born Killer’


A neuroscientist who spent the last 20 years studying the brains of killers was shocked to discover that he had one. Jim Fallon—after learning that his father's side of the family tree was full of alleged killers, including Lizzie Borden—analyzed family brain scans and discovered that he has the brain patterns that mark a psychopath.

Fallon's scan revealed a lack of activity in the orbital cortex, which is involved with decision-making and controlling aggression. "I'm 100%. I have the pattern, the risky pattern," Fallon told NPR. "In a sense, I'm a born killer." Fallon says that—unlike the criminals whose brains he's looked at—he had a very happy childhood free from violence and abuse, which he believes explains why he hasn't turned out to be a killer. 

Jason McManus Via newser.com


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