Will Neutrino Beams Be ET’s Message Technology of Choice?

Other_neutrino Anthony Zee of the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has suggested that neutrino energies might be the technology of choice in their search for intelligent life in the universe, far above those generated naturally by the stars.

Because there are so few energetic neutrinos coming from any specific direction of space a beam of high-energy neutrinos that passed by Earth, for example, would be a highly conspicuous red flag vs the radio waves generated naturally by many compact cosmic sources.

Zee suggests that aliens could use a particle accelerator to collide and annihilate electrons and their antiparticles to make an intense beam of neutrinos that can be aimed at will and the greater the energy they use the easier neutrinos are to detect. Zee adds that the transmitted neutrinos would create a spray of particles called W bosons making the signal unmistakably alien.

Casey Kazan via A. Zee, "Galactic neutrino communication," Physics Letter B (2009).


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