Smartest Cities in America: Boulder, Durham, DC Trump Harvard-MIT Stronghold Boston

Img-hp-main---brainiest-metros_185753720219 The number-one brainiest city in America is a university town that major science research centers have made home and whose tech-savvy venture capital culture draws start-ups: Boulder, Colo. Reporting in the Daily Beast, Richard Florida ranks the country's 20 brainiest metro areas, as determined by things like number of adults with PhDs and master's degrees. Boulder is followed by: 

Durham, NC: Almost 20% of residents have graduate degrees in this high-brainpower Research Triangle town, home to Duke and North Carolina Central University.

The District of Columbia: Is it all the politicians that make the Washington, DC, area so smart? Probably a bigger factor is the city's wealth of think tanks and science institutions.

Boston-Cambridge, Mass.: On one side of the river you've got MIT, Harvard, and Tufts. On the other, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Emerson, and lots more.

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