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Apple-revenues Apple's Future Product Revenues Will Blow Your Mind

Apple's recent earnings figures revealed how astonishingly well the company's been performing–if its growth continues, it'll be the biggest company in the U.S., surpassing Microsoft. From which products will all this money come? The iPad is the secret weapon. Silicon Alley Insider dug into Apple's finances and split out the revenues into product sectors, including historic data. The iPhone sales figures have been slightly sliding recently, but still make up the largest product sector contributing to Apple's overall revenues–and the figures for the early part of this year probably reflect some depressed sales as the public became aware that a radical make-over to the iPhone was due in the middle of the year. Tim Cook himself noted that the iPad wasn't following a traditional "early adopter" model (with a slow but accelerating start as an initially highly-wary public slowly wake up to a new paradigm device, and then accelerate sales), but it was selling at an extraordinarily swift rate, even in its early market. 

Numerology-120-comic-book-1 Wham! Bang! Pow! Comic-Con 2010 Starts Today

Comic-Con 2010 and its 125,000 attendees will hit San Diego this month. The ever-popular megaconvention sold out its four-day passes 280 days in advance. And while we won't be part of the 1% who show up in costume, we will celebrate by looking at the numbers of the comic-book business.The Market for the Comic Book and its cousin, the Graphic Novel, reached $680 million last year in the U.S. and Canada, up 20% since 2005. The typical price of a comic today is $3.99. In the 1959s, it was 10¢ (90¢ after adjusting for inflation). Forty-four years ago, Marvel and DC jointly secured patent No.72243225 for the term "SUPER HERO." According to their patent filing, the phrase was first used commercially on March 4, 1966.

500x_netflix-increase Inflection Point: 61% of Netflix Subscribers Choose to Stream Video

Netflix reported their quarterly earnings today, and the news was mostly–though not entirely–good. Revenue was $519.8 million, up 27% from the year-ago quarter, but fell a few million short of Wall Street expectations. As a result, the stock was down nearly 10% in after-hours trading. But the number of subscribers is up 42% from the year-ago quarter, up 2 million from last quarter–and there are sure to be more as Netflix expands northward into Canada. There are also some very encouraging signs for Netflix's streaming video empire, even more interesting to those of us who have been following the company's transition to non-physical media. Of the now 15 million Netflix subscribers, a whopping 61% have streamed some sort of


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