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6a00d8341bf7f753ef0133ef5d3eef970b-320wi Genetic Secrets of Living to 100

A massive genetic study of people who lived for more than 100 years has found dozens of new clues to the biology of aging. The findings won’t be turned overnight into longevity elixirs or lifespan tests, nor do they untangle the complex interactions between biology, lifestyle and environment that ultimately determine how long — and how well — one lives. But they do offer much-needed toeholds for scientists studying the basic mechanisms of aging, which remain largely unexplained. “It shows that genetics plays an extremely important role at these extreme ages. And it begins to be a not-unsolvable puzzle,” said Boston University gerontologist Thomas Perls. “If we start looking at these genes and what they do, we better understand the biology of extreme longevity.”

464923main_image_1698_946-710-660x495 Taking the Sonic Boom Out of Supersonic Flight

The big names in aerospace have some new designs for the supersonic airliner of the future. Both Boeing and Lockheed Martin have submitted ideas for a NASA research mission looking into new airplanes that could take the boom out of supersonic flight. Pictures of both aircraft released by NASA show long and slender designs reminiscent of the Concorde. But both planemakers claim to have many updates in an effort to solve issues that haunt those who dream of Concorde-like speeds once again. For anybody who ever witnessed the Concorde in flight, the most obvious place for improvement was the massive noise created by both the engines and the infamous sonic boom. Nobody has been able to take the bite out of the boom yet, but both Boeing and Lockheed Martin hope to at least put a new muffler on the problem.

GettyImages_1003556392 Video Suggests BP Literally Covering Up Oil Damage on Louisiana Beaches

There's no question that BP has lied extensively over the past few months about the growing Gulf oil disaster. The company has bullied journalists, fudged numbers, and even deployed fake journalists to the Gulf to write about how everything is fine. Now BP may be literally trying to cover up oiled beaches by dumping sand on top of them. The video, filmed by Judson Parker of Save Our Shores Florida, purportedly shows oil sandwiched between two layers of different types of sand. According to Parker, local deputies confirmed that BP dumped sand onto the Grand Isle, Louisiana beach and attempted to smooth it over. But Wayne Keller, the Exeuctive Director of the Grand Isle Port Commission, doesn't know anything about it. "I'm not aware of that being done anywhere on Grand Isle," he tells I know we're trucking in sand to build berms to keep oil out of the estuary, but that's it."

Iphone4antenna Steve Jobs on the iPhone 4 Antenna Woes: "Relax … It Is Just a Phone"

Apple's woes over what may be an issue with the design of the iPhone 4's antennas continue: But Steve Jobs is maintaining calm, and is emailing troubled customers on the matter. The to-and-fro conversation between Apple CEO Jobs and a reader over at BoyGeniusReport is definitely worth perusing in its entirety–assuming it's real, rarely does one see such a free, frank, and extended discussion between a billion-dollar company CEO and a client (AT&T even turns the law on you if you try it). BGR reader Tom was experiencing iPhone 4 signal issues, and had been emailing an Apple engineer on the matter. At one point he discovered a leaked internal Apple memo about the problems, got angry, and CC'd Steve on an email. Jobs, incredibly, replied "No, you are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down."


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