The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (7/13)

340x_parkingspotttt Use Google's Open Spot Android App To Find Parking Spot

Google's new Open Spot Android app turns finding open parking spots into a game. You mark down whatever available parking spot you see, earn "karma points" for doing so and then other people can track down your spots .Each time you mark down an available parking spot in Open Spot, you gain a karma point. The more karma points you get, the better you feel about yourself, or something like that. The marked spot shows up in the Open Spot app for 20 minutes and is shown in a time-sensitive color: red for freshly marked, orange for spots marked 5 minutes ago and yellow for spots marked 10 minutes ago.

100707_youtube_leanback.grid-6x2 YouTube Leanback: YouTube That Looks Like TV 

Google’s new YouTube Leanback serice aims to become a fixture on your television by letting you watch an uninterrupted stream of full-screen YouTube videos in high definition, using your keyboard’s directional arrows and the return key to navigate through the new service. The beta service decides what to show you based on your YouTube account preferences, and you can use Leanback to watch your YouTube movie rentals obtained through the new YouTube Store.


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