The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (7/07)

Canon-wonder-camera-14-thumb-550xauto-42280 Canon's weird-looking camera of the future shoots everything

What will cameras be like 20 years from now? Here's one vision of the future, the Canon Wonder Camera, rolled out today at The World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It's more like a super-high resolution camcorder than a camera, and it'll be able to shoot circles around today's cameras. Too bad it looks like a glorified hairdryer. Using this camera looks like a no-brainer. Canon makes broad claims, saying everything will be in focus all the time, and even when you are shooting images with enormously long zooms, the camera can keep the frame perfectly stable. It'll shoot thousands of frames at a time, letting you choose the one still that's perfect, or keep them all in a sequence as a video. The camera will shoot such high-resolution photos, later on your computer you'll be able to select which part of the frame you'd like to use, with no discernible loss of sharpness. So that means all you need to do is point your camera in the general direction of what you'd like to capture, and the camera's ultra-high resolution gives you nearly unlimited editing capabilities.

Apple_facetime-jpg-scaled500 iPhone 4 video A Huge Win for Apple

We’ll just wait for the day I=to get asked to do a video podcast appearance and I whip out my iPhone to do it. I don’t think I’ll be waiting long. Less specifically, Wired believes “FaceTime”, as Apple not-at-all-questionably calls it, will rely on all computers — PC, Mac, even Linux and netbooks, and their software — to support the system in order to really become the revolutionary offering Apple has made it out to be. They're certain Apple knows this, and that’s why its uncharacteristic move to make the FaceTime protocol an open standard didn’t surprise me. By doing so, software makers such as Skype can allow their users to turn PCs into FaceTime clients — eliminating the need for both callers to be using the latest, costly iPhone.


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