Is Intelligent Life in the Universe the Equivalent of Cosmic DNA?

Dna_cosmic Several leading physicists and cosmologists, among them Lee Smolin and James Gardner, author of The Intelligent Universe, believe that Darwinian principles define the nature of any universe such that new infant universes produced by a black holes will resemble their parent universe, and have a system of physical laws and constraints that enables life and intelligence to emerge and eventually repeat the cycle.

In other words, the mission of evolved intelligent life in the universe is to serve as a cosmic reproductive organ, or the equivalent to DNA. Gardner believes that the laws of physics and constraints, including the mystery of dark energy that is accelerating the expansion of our universe are inherited from a prior universe and are rigged in favor of the emergence of life, particularly hospitable to carbon-based intelligent life. Or so in seems from our limited and primitive perspective.

Gardner summarizes his theory saying that we "are likely not alone in the universe, but are probably part of a vast -yet undiscovered trans-terrestrial community of lives and intelligences spread across billions of galaxies and countless parsecs."

Casey Kazan 

Source: Year Million: Science at the Far Edge of Knowledge



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