Image of the Day: Massive Storms & 1000 MPH Winds of Saturn (VIDEO)


Saturn’s winds are among the most powerful in the solar system, where superstorms can produce thousand mph winds (approximately three times greater than the equatorial winds on Jupiter).

Saturn storms originate in both the northern and southern hemispheres but take on their highest winds at the equator. Hurricanes can begin with cloud masses nearly the size of the entire Earth. As the storms grow, it is not unusual for a single storm to grow to shroud the equivalent of thirty Earths.

Similar to Venus, Saturn has a well developed vortex of swirling clouds at each pole imaged during the Cassini Mission. Bands of clouds circle the planet. The large swirling spot is a hurricane-like mass of gas 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers) across. 


Image credit: NASA


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