You Couldn’t Make This Up Dept.: “The U.S. Military has a Star Fleet”


NASA hacker Gary McKinnon lost his latest bid to be tried in the UK, and is now certain to face trial in the US. The 43-year old from London has admitted hacking the Pentagon and NASA in 2001 and 2002, claiming that he was looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life. McKinnon says that he uncovered “suppressed evidence of reverse engineered UFO technology, free energy that would help to stop climate change… and also evidence of anti-gravity. Mckinnon has said consistently in numerous interviews that the US has advanced Space Fleets that are capable of star travel. He has never backed down from his assertions. Mckinnon says he found advanced technology that is helping American Star Fleets travel through space.

Despite widespread support for his case from London mayor Boris Johnson, the Daily Mail and several MPs, McKinnon was told by the High Court that he must be extradited to the US.

McKinnon's defense attorneys argued that the US authorities are likely to make an example of McKinnon and punish him with the maximum possible sentence, potentially 60 years in a maximum security prison.

6a00d8341bf7f753ef0115725399e8970b Glasgow born McKinnon has appealed to the home secretary, the European Court of Human Rights and the Crown Prosecution Service to be tried in the UK, and this judicial review in the High Court could be his last chance.

Supporters of McKinnon have argued that the Asperger's sufferer would be unable to cope with life in a maximum security prison. Earlier this month the Conservative Party got behind McKinnon, using his case to challenge existing extradition laws.

Posted by Jason McManus



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