The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (6/24)

Suninneutrinoslarge-11-27-061 (1) 'Ghost particle' sized up by cosmologists

Cosmologists at UCL (University College London) are a step closer to determining the mass of the elusive neutrino particle, not by using a giant particle detector, but by gazing up into space.Although it has been shown that a neutrino has a mass, it is vanishingly small and extremely hard to measure – a neutrino is capable of passing through a light year (about six trillion miles) of lead without hitting a single atom. New results using the largest ever survey of galaxies in the universe puts total neutrino mass ano larger than 0.28 electron volts – less than a billionth of the mass of a single hydrogen atom. This is one of the most accurate measurements of the mass of a neutrino to date.

Iphone4-concept1 New iPhone Arrives; Rivals, Beware

Apple’s new iPhone, its fourth in four years, reaches stores on Thursday. Ordinarily, this is where you’d expect to find a review of it. But honestly — what’s the point? The iPhone 4 is already a hit. AT&T says that it received 10 times as many preorders as it did for the iPhone 3GS last year. On the first day of taking orders, Apple processed 600,000 requests — before its ordering system, and AT&T’s, descended into chaos. In short, the public seems to be perfectly capable of sniffing out a winner without the help of tech critics. The first thing you notice is the new shape. Despite a beefier battery (16 percent more likely to last a full day), a faster processor and upgraded everything, the new model is still noticeably thinner and narrower than before. How is that possible? In part, the trick was squaring off the back. It’s no longer gracefully curved — a design that, if you think about it, created wasted space around the rectangular components. The new iPhone is two glass slabs, front and back, wrapped by a stainless-steel band. The result is beautiful, and since there’s no more plastic, it feels solid and Lexus-like. 


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