The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (6/02)

882380 Apple-Google fight is expected over future of TV

One week after Google announced its bid for the hearts and eyes of America's TV viewers with Internet-based Google TV, its Silicon Valley rival is reportedly poised to overhaul its own offering, Apple TV.The stakes are high. Whoever wins could play a leading role in one of the great technological transformations of recent memory by piping limitless video and other content from the Internet and television to the small screen. "A generation from now, people simply won't believe how limited the world of linear programming was, the same way people under 30 today can't relate to 12 channels and a knob," said Jim Lanzone, chief executive of, an Internet TV programming guide.

500x_avatar_cameron2_f Environment Expert/Avatar Director James Cameron To Help Clean Up BP Gulf Oil Disaster

Avatar director, James Cameron met with scientists yesterday to brainstorm possible solutions to the massive ongoing disaster. It does make sense though, to rope in Cameron's help, if you think about it. He boldly went where few men had gone before (to the Titanic site, 2.5 miles/4km below sea level), using state-of-the-art underwater cameras to film the wreckage.


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