New Tech: Mobile Video Calling is Coming & It’s Going to Be Huge (Apple Facetime VIDEO)

4679072039_19daaaaa5a_b Analyst Alfred Poor estimates in research released today from GigaOm Pro that approximately 3.2 million consumers will have access to mobile video chat in 2010. Poor believes that number will grow almost 50-fold in the next five years, to an estimated 142 million consumers. "The first few years of the market will see fairly small numbers with the main adoptees being early adopters," he writes, "but by 2012 the market will reach beyond the enthusiast audience to a more mainstream audience, and we'll see adoption rates similar to that of SMS and other messaging formats as illustrated in the middle of the last decade."

"The power of video communications," Poor argues, "lies in the ability of the participants to detect subtle emotional nuances during conversations." 

As Kevin Kelly of Wired magazine wrote, "we are witnessing the birth of a new culture around video communication – we are in the midst of becoming 'people of the screen."

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