Will Google Leapfrog Apple?

500x_google-frog_02 Way back when, Internet search was dominated by Yahoo and Excite. Oh, yeah, and there was this tiny no-revenue startup called Google. Everyone thought search was about content; Google thought is was about technology. 

Guess who won?

Fast forward to today: Google is done playing catch-up with Apple. With Android Froyo, Google TV, mobile ads and streaming media, Google isn't just matching Apple—they're taking the lead.

Google's last 18 months, reports Gizmodo,  have been a period of frantic catchup, in which we saw Android reach feature parity with iPhone OS, the Android Market explode, and Google's confidence slowly build. Apple had been setting the terms of the battle, baiting Google into action. The competition was fierce, but the fight was on Apple's terms. 

Google's tired of that. In the space of two days, they've leapfrogged Apple spectacularly: They've matched Apple's mobile OS in predictable ways, and embarrassed it in others (Flash on mobiles may not be as horrific as Apple has implied); they've invaded the living room with a dedication and vigor that makes Apple TV look like a jokey experiment; they've steamrolled the mobile ad market with as solid a platform as Apple's and, more importantly, hundreds of thousands of advertisers; they've taken massive steps into the cloud, and into streaming—the kind of stuff nerds talk about, but didn't expect to see so soon.

Casey Kazan via gizmodo.com


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