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Ipod_macworldSeven Key Turning Points That Made Apple No. 1

Apple has been through some extreme ups and downs, but yesterday the corporation climbed to an all-time high. Apple surpassed longtime rival Microsoft in market capitalization, making the Cupertino, California, company the most valuable technology company in the world, for the moment, at least. The milestone is even more remarkable given Apple’s single-digit share of the computer market. Microsoft, by contrast, runs on about 90 percent of the world’s PCs. Steve Jobs should feel vindicated. After being fired from his own company in the 1980s, the company gradually became less and less relevant, its market share dwindling and its innovative edge dulled. From the first iMac to the revolutionary iPad, what follows is a list of key turning points that took Apple from an also-ran into a champion.

MCP-02-CueThe Creative Brains Behind iTunes & App Store: Eddie Cue

Steve Jobs may own the limelight, but Eddy Cue, 46, holds the key to the Apple kingdom. Cue runs arguably the most disruptive 21st-century Web businesses: iTunes and the App Store, the latter of which is poised to create a $4 billion app economy by 2012. The unassuming Cue shot up through Apple's ranks in the late '80s, going from desktop support to Hollywood power broker, cutting deals for movies and music. Cue's next campaign will be challenging Amazon's Kindle dominance, with the Cupertino cocktail of the iPad and the iBook store.

Mongoliad The Mongoliad App: Neal Stephenson's Novel of the Future?

This may, possibly, be one future of the novel: as an app. And who better to push the limits of writing than Neal Stephenson, an author whose novels have already explored weird and unusual corners of sci-fi, including intelligent books. Late yesterday in San Francisco, at the SF App Showcase, a sneaky little startup company called Subutai demonstrated some of the tech that'll be going into the Mongoliad app. This oddly-named creature is actually what we're interested in–a reinvention of the novel as a serialized publication through a dedicated app. Stephenson isn't the only one taking part, as both Greg Bear and Nicole Galland will be writing too, but Stephenson is really the core of the project.


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