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Pic_asteroids_1 (1) Australian scientists find Timor Sea meteorite crater

Australian scientists have discovered a crater deep beneath the Timor Sea made during a heavy meteor storm which may have altered the Earth's climate, the lead researcher said Thursday.This impact cluster hit Earth about one million years before the Drake Passage, the ocean gap between Antarctica and South America, opened up … (which) allowed continuous circulation of the circum-Antarctic ocean current, isolating the Antarctic continent and allowing the onset of its large ice sheet, which acts as a thermostat' for the Earth's climate.

OilSpill4 Why Are Tar Balls Showing Up in the Florida Keys?

The mammoth Gulf oil spill is bad enough without oil traveling through currents to other parts of the world. But that's exactly what has happened–the oil slick has reportedly been captured by the Loop Current, a fast ocean current that moves from the Caribbean Sea into the Gulf of Mexico before looping west and south, exiting through the Florida Straits. Earlier this week, authorities thought the worst when approximately 50 tar balls showed up on beaches in the Florida Keys. The good news–if that's what you can call it–is that the balls aren't from the spill. But how can the Coast Guard possibly be sure?

Google-Intel-Sony Google TV Combines TV and All of the Internet

Google says there are two worlds now, the web, which lives on your laptop and your phone, and the TV world, which lives on your TV."Google TV starts with TV." This is your TV. "You only can add and enhance it.""What if we re-thought the navigation of TV?" Google wants to give you the exact same experience on TV as Google on the computer. So Google threw in a Google search box. Selecting the Amazon's page leads them to Amazon's page—not reformatted in any way. You can buy or play the episode. Problem is with not reformatting the page is that the text becomes tiny in the living room."We can go much further than just YouTube." You can also search apps. Which means there are apps. APPS. How about augmenting TV? Here's them putting the TV in a picture in picture. So he searches up the stuff he wants (box score) while the TV is still going on. So he can track what's going on on the game in the big window and watch the game in the little window. More examples: Seeing a twitter stream about what you're watching now. Or bring an ad from what you're watching on TV into a web search. What else? Photo viewing on your TV. Facebook games/Flash games on your TV. Music sites (Pandora). Anything on your web can be on your TV. So yes, this has Flash support. You can use your Android phone to control your TV when it's tethered.

B&N-pubit1 Barnes And Noble's Nook and Pubit: A Self-Publisher's Heaven

Barnes and Noble are really, really getting into this e-publishing game. In addition to combating Amazon's Kindle platform with the Nook e-reader and apps, they've also planned a self-publishing e-book system for authors, leveraging the Nook store.The system is called Pubit, and it's "coming summer 2010" according to the Web site.

Ipadrelease210 (1) iPads on Track to Outsell the Mac

Sales of the iPad are already outpacing those of the Mac in the United States, according to an analyst’s calculations. Apple is selling more than 200,000 iPads per week, says Mike Abramsky, an RBC Capital Markets analyst. That’s almost twice the rate of Mac computers, which average about 110,000 units sold each week. The iPad isn’t outselling the iPhone, though it’s coming close. Apple was selling about 246,000 units of the iPhone 3GS per week during its first quarter of launch. Apple announced in early May that it sold one million iPads after only one month. In light of his calculations, Abramsky estimates the company will sell 8 million iPads in 2010, up from his previous projection of 5 million


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