Image of the Day: The “Red Dwarf Galaxy”


Many of the recent discoveries by the Hubble Space Telescope have been "named" with numbers. Gone are the poetic, mythic names like Milky Way or Andromeda or Pegasus.

Let's have some fun and help NASA out and create names for these awesome celestial objects.

We took poetic license and named today's pic pick the "Red Dwarf Galaxy." It's actual name is spiral galaxy NGC 5792 a typical spiral, almost edge-on, with blue spiral arms and some dust features, what is cool is its neighbor, a red dwarf that is actually part of the Milky Way. This M dwarfs are the most common type of star, making up about 75% of all stars in the Milky Way.

What's your name for this fascinating object?

Red dwarfs have been prime hunting grounds in the search for Earth's Twin. Extrasolar planets were discovered orbiting the red dwarf Gliese 581 in 2005, about the mass of Neptune, or sixteen Earth masses. It orbits just 6 million kilometers (0.04 AU) from its star, and is estimated to have a surface temperature of 150 °C, despite the dimness of the star.


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